“Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture”.

Burguess, Anthony (1917-1993)

Translation and Creative Content

Many people get surprised when they realized that there is a translator behind the book they are reading, the movie they are watching or even behind the products they are buying.

Aware of living in a globalized world in which translators help people to create companies or develop the businesses in different parts of the world with their corresponding cultures and languages, SARA YEST translates and creates content not only based on information transferring skills from one language to another. SARA YEST offers not necessarily linguistic competences for translations and creative and fresh content. * 

In order to receive a quote about the document you want to translate, you can send it to me to my email address:, since the price of the translations is calculated by word and according to the source language, the linguistic combination and its specialization, the file of the format and delivery date.