I’m not a translator.  

I’m not a communicator. 

Nor a cultural manager.

I’m the best of every single one of the above blended together.

SARA YEST arises from a restless spirit, passionate spirit, lover of languages and different cultures that coexist not only interculturally or interpersonally but also professionally in a globalized world. 

After studying Translation and Intercultural Communication in English and German, after a broad experience in places such us Germany, United Kingdom, Asia, Africa and South America and once I finished my studies in Digital Marketing, I decided to return to my home town, San Sebastián (Basque Country, Spain) with a renewed appreciation for the local reality embarking as a result on the project I’ve always yearned for: SARA YEST. 

Sara Peña

This is me, the visible face behind SARA YEST. I’m a translation and cultural communicator and I’m looking forward to projects like yours. Let’s talk!



Professionalism and Versatility

SARA YEST offers both a professional and a versatile profile thanks to the experience I’ve gained for a wide range of sectors. The translation or creation of SARA YEST content doesn’t rely solely on the competences of transferring information from one language to another, what SARA YEST offers for creative and fresh translations goes way beyond linguistic competences.

Multicultural Experience

Stemming from an extended experience living and educating myself in different cities worldwide, I’ve been lucky enough to get acquainted with different cultures, specially the German one.

Personalized Service

In addition, I offer a service which can be considered as absolutely personalized, adapted to your needs, with all the care and attention every day of the week. You will obtained what you required, in terms of an absolutely devoted work with maximum attention during all days of the week.